Golfer’s Fitness

golfing9Our discs act as a “bumper” between the vertebrae.

Most common cause for back-problems is a weakness of one of the lower discs. This weakness is likely caused by a poor condition of the back-musculature. In particular bending forward is very demanding to the rear part of the disc.

Demanding, overstraining tasks – like for instance extreme swing-motions in golf – can cause pain and nerve-irritation or even pinch in a nerve. Lifting and “dragging” of heavy golf-bags or stooping for the ball put a heavy strain on the discs, especially with a pre-existing weakness of muscles and discs.

More satisfying and reasonable than a relieving posture or giving up on golf altogether is a good back-muscle-condition thanks to a regular workout, because: “a healthy back knows no pain.”



golfing10In the Homework section you will find simple yet effective exercises that can help prevent a “Handicap Spine” and soothe or treat already existing back-pain.

In general: an extreme load capacity – as essential for the game of golf – can only be guaranteed through a good condition of the back-musculature.

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